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The high incidence of endemic species and endangered species in the flora of the Canary Islands in general, and particularly in Gran Canaria,
as well as the problems of identification and classification of many taxa, make a catalog of reliable and stable flora indispensable,
both for the nomenclature of the species in the lists of protected plants, as well as for the plans for the management of natural resources, plans for the use and management of natural spaces, environmental impact studies, etc.
In spite of the great amount that has been written about the Canarian flora (more than 5,000 bibliographical references and almost 5,500 names published for the approximately 2,000 species of plants of the flora of the Archipelago)
and the existence of previous catalogs of flora such as of Webb and Berthelot (1836-1842), Pitard and Proust (1908) and Lems (1960) or Kunkel (1970) (very incomplete due to their own condition of first approximations to the Canarian flora and, obviously, they are very outdated), in the Currently there is no catalog or modern Flora.

Therefore, there is a peremptory need in Gran Canaria to prepare a modern Atlas of Flora, with a complete file of each species with description, illustrations, distribution map, habitat and ecology, latest scientific knowledge of reproductive biology, etc.
current status and conservation proposal, and that is why the Canary Botanical Garden "Viera y Clavijo" of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, which has as one of its main objectives "the study and dissemination of the flora of Gran Canaria", has begun the elaboration of said Atlas.

Here are some of the flora in risk of extinction, that you will be able to see in the garden

Helianthemum bystropogophyllum

Helianthemum Inaguae


And much more

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